General Rules For All FDSC Trips

General Rules For All FDSC Trips

  1. ELIGIBILITY:  Only dues-paid members in good standing may sign up for trips.  Children less than 18 years of age are eligible to participate only on trips designated as “Family Trips” and must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.  Children 13 and up (when accompanied on the trip by a responsible parent or guardian) may be eligible for a week-long trip only upon the approval of the trip leader(s) and only if the trip has space 30 days after being offered to all club members.  Unfilled trips will be open to any member of an EPSC club 30 days after being offered to FDSC members.

    1. Sign-ups for all club trips must include a check payable to FDSC (no cash) for the initial deposit and a completed application form.
    2. Trips will be filled as follows:  Trip Night sign-ups, then applications received via US Mail in the order of postmark date. Applications postmarked prior to Trip Night will be considered after Trip Night sign-ups.   Following Trip Night, all applications will be processed in the order they are received.
    3. Trip applications with initial deposits received after the trip space has been filled will be placed on a waiting list in the order received and offered the next available space.  Waiting list checks will be held and not deposited until space becomes available and is confirmed with the club member.
    4. The initial deposit amount and the schedule for the remaining payments will be stated in the official announcement of each trip.  A $10 per week late fee applies to all payments not received or post-marked by the due date.  Repeated failure to make payments according to the stated schedule may be construed as a notice of cancellation, thus invoking the specified cancellation penalty and the loss of space on the trip.
    5. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 penalty PLUS actual bank charges incurred by the FDSC.  Further, the status of any participant whose check is returned will be determined to be unpaid until the original check and all related charges are satisfied.

    1. If a trip participant cancels from a trip, it is the participant’s responsibility, not the trip leader’s, to find a replacement.  The participant MUST contact the trip leader to give notification of their desire to cancel and get the names of those on the waiting list, who should be contacted in order to find a replacement.
    2. If no replacement is found, a cancellation fee of $50 plus all non-refundable costs will be deducted from the deposit before any refund is made.  In the case of a day trip cancellation, a $10 fee will be charged.  Non-refundable fees include the per person cost budgeted for all group costs on the trip (bus, après ski parties, etc.), as well as any per person charges that are not refunded by the vendors involved (lodging, airfare, etc.).   If a replacement is found, any administrative charges (name changes on tickets, etc.) will be charged to the person who cancelled.  The $50 cancellation fee may be waived if cancellation is due to a medical or family emergency, but all non-refundable costs will still be forfeited.
    3. Refunds will be issued after the trip has taken place and the trip leader’s reconciliation has been completed.
    4. The FDSC shall not be responsible for trip cancellations or delays due to events or conditions not within actual control of the FDSC.  In such an event, the Trip Director and trip leader will make every effort to recover any costs.  To the extent that such costs are able to be recovered, appropriate refunds may be made to the trip participants at the discretion of the Trip Director and the Board of Directors.  Trip cancellation/Interruption Insurance is recommended for protection against such events.

  4. ROOM REQUESTS:  Room requests should be specified on the application form.  Although every effort will be made to honor these requests, we cannot guarantee them due to lodging configurations.  Trip applicants are encouraged to sign up as a full unit.  If the applicant does not have a full unit, they must be willing to accept and pay for the best available rooming option as determined by the trip leader. 

  5. TRIP CHANGE POLICY:  The FDSC reserves the right to make changes in trip details where such changes are in the best interest of the FDSC.  Neither the FDSC nor its representatives assume any obligation or responsibility for any matters not within their control.  Any fuel surcharges, baggage fees, or other supplements added after the initial pricing of the trip at sign-up are the sole responsibility of each trip participant.

  6. ILLEGAL DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICY:  The FDSC and its members will strictly adhere to all state and federal laws regarding the use of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs.  As stated in the FDSC constitution and bylaws, membership may be revoked by the Board of Directors for behavior considered to be detrimental to the reputation of the club.

  7. TRIP PARTICIPATION:  FDSC-sponsored trips are a benefit of club membership and are reserved for club members only (except for EPSC members who may sign up 30 days after the designated FDSC Trip Night).  Non-members are not permitted to participate in trip activities or to be guests in lodging that has been arranged for and purchased by the club.

Interested in running a trip?

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Reminder: Please issue a separate checks for each club activity or trip. Be sure to name the trip or event on the memo line of the check. Thank you