Bob Bubb Memorial Award

2016 Bob Bubb Award

Congratulations to:

Kevin Claypoole

History of the Bob Bubb Award

The Bob Bubb Memorial Award was established in 1985 to honor the memory of Bob Bubb. Bob was president of the Flying Dutchmen Ski club when he died suddenly from complications related to surgery. Up until his death, he was a driving force in this club, always striving to promote and advance the sport of skiing. Even after his death, his accomplishments continue to inspire us to advance the sport and the club.

Due to Bob's enthusiasm and dedication to the FDSC, it was decided that an award should be given annually, in his honor, to a recipient who exhibits similar enthusiasm and dedication to the sport and the club. Former award recipients have formed the foundation of the club as we know it today and many continue to work tirelessly to make sure it prospers.

According to the guidelines for the Bob Bubb Memorial Award, "The Bob Bubb Memorial Award should be presented to an individual who has been extensively active in the ski club for many years in all facets of the club and especially taken part in some skiing activity. The person should show leadership and initiative and be dedicated to the club."

Past Recipients

A list of the former recipients reflects the recent evolution and history of the club. The former recipients are:

Kevin Claypoole (2016)
Karen Youngwirth (2014)
Paul Schwartz (2012)
Brian Muller (2010)
Lori Henne (2008)
Bill Creadon (2006)
Alice Dolan (2004)
Michelle LeGrande (2003)
Rick Auchenbach (2002)
Rick Yoder (2000)
Stacy Kramer (1998)
Scott Cooper (1996)
Tom Dondore (1995)
Nic Cohen (1993)
Ed Schappell (1992)
Sue Kraus (1990)
Maddi Dondore (1988)
Rod McGrath (1987)
Dave McFarland (1985)

Diane Nolfe (2015)
Marianne van der Velde (2013)
Patti Spitler (2011)
Ed Soja (2009)
Dave Coffey (2007)
Stan Miller (2005)
Jim Dolan (2004)
Nat LeGrande (2003)
Brian Gallagher (2001)
Jim Purcell (1999)
Henry Drasher (1997)
Terry Cooper (1996)
Bob Smith (1994)
Alice Schappell (1992)
Bruce Smith (1991)
Sue McMullen (1989)
Paul Prutzman (1987)
Scott Webber (1986)
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